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Chef Nathan Lippy—Adding Flair & Flavor

From an early age, Florida-born Chef Nathan Lippy knew that food was a passion. In his own words, “I was 8 years old when it happened… I became a foodie. It was a warm Florida spring afternoon when I first ‘Experienced’ flavor. Family friends had a Muscadine Grape vine, which is where I found myself lying on the ground with a t-shirt full of tasty little fruits. I remember the crisp sweet burst of flavor and thinking to myself ‘This used to be in the dirt, but now its delicious… this is awesome!’”

This passion for all things flavorful led Chef Lippy to New York City, where he honed his skills in the kitchens of every possible type of restaurant, and eventually back to his home state. It was here that Cobblestone Bread Co. approached him about a partnership. And today, the fruits of that partnership live on the new Cobblestone Bread Co. website, and on YouTube, as a series of videos showcasing just how simple it can be to make outstanding sandwiches—as long as you start with the right bread.

“The bread is the ‘Make or Break’ component of any good sandwich.” Says Chef Lippy, “Sometimes you want a gorgeous crisp crust and other times you are looking for a soft and airy texture that will take your sandwich into ‘I cant believe I made this awesome sandwich’ mode. Cobblestone Bread Co. has made it easy for us, all of their bread is ridiculously good.” As proof, Chef Lippy uses its line of breads, rolls and buns to craft delicious dishes ranging from a Grown Up Grilled Cheese to a Southern Catfish Po’ Boy, all to mouthwatering perfection.

See the recipes and Chef Lippy preparing them here.